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Practice Partner Patient Records

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The Practice Partner Patient Records solution provides a host of innovative tools to improve both office and clinical efficiency, while helping to improve quality of care by complimenting an effective health care billing software system. Practice Partner Patient Records allows practices to replace their paper charts with a comprehensive feature set, which is coupled with a friendly and intuitive interface and built-in security. This results in an EHR system that is powerful enough for any office, yet easy-to-learn and easy-to-use.

"I am in no way a guru; Practice Partner is just straightforward and easy to build on."
- Mlchael E. Cohen, M. D.

Designed by physicians for physicians – and refined by a decade of feedback from active users across the U.S. – The EMR System, Practice Partner Patient Records has been meticulously designed to emulate all aspects of the paper-based chart, as well as the normal work patterns of physicians.

And unlike other electronic health record systems, the only thing you need to do to get a complete chart is enter a progress note (which can be entered by dictation, keyboard, pen-based system or voice recognition). The result: a more complete, up-to-date chart with a lot less work. Practice Partner Patient Medical Records Software Release 9.1 is certified and meets CCHIT ambulatory EHR criteria for 2006.

Five Reasons to Choose Practice Partner


  • Over 23 years of experience
  • Over 1500 practices and thousands of providers

Unmatched Third-Party Validation

  • Best EHR Software - TEPR 2006,2005,2004
  • Best EHR Software - AC Group 2006,2005,2004

Home of a Positive, Collaborative, Thriving Community

  • Over 30,000 users share tips, tricks, ideas, experiences

Increases Your Physician and Practice Productivity

  • Choice of Data Entry Methods
  • Efficient, Comprehensive Documentation
  • lmproved Workflow Saves Time and Labor
  • lmproved Back Office and Front Office Efficiency

Improves Your Quality of Care

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