Other Complementary Software

Our wide range of complementary applications help you get the most out of your medical software.

Fast, friendly service, setup and support from a team that knows what it’s like to run a small practice. Simply the best clearing house that we’ve ever worked with!

With Billflash electronic billing and payment services, getting paid has never been easier! And because Billflash is integrated with Lytec 2017, your path to total office automation is easier than ever before.

Using Billflash to automate many of the routine, time consuming tasks that eat away at your practices profitability will eliminate headaches and free up your team to focus on more important, profitable tasks.

  • Online eBill
  • Online ePay
  • Print & Mail
  • In OfficePay
  • MyProviderLink.com

With automated appointment reminders through AutoRemind, you will be able to automatically deliver professional patient appointment reminders through secure phone, email and/or text messages. Patients love being able to receive reminders via text and email as well as getting phone call reminders AFTER regular business hours when they are actually at home.

AutoRemind is directly integrated with the Lytec 2017 schedule and automatically changes the appointment status when a patient confirms the appointment. Save hours of labor (which equates to real dollars!) every month by automating this extremely important, yet routine, daily task that is frequently neglected or even missed by many practices.

Relay Health Eligibility is directly integrated with the Lytec 2017 patient schedule, giving your staff the ability to immediately verify insurance eligibility. Using Real Time Insurance Eligibility with Lytec 2017 will save your practice time AND money!