Managed IT Services for Healthcare

Technology is imperative in any healthcare business, so it’s unavoidable that you need to invest in both financial and human resources to maintain your IT. But if you’re a small-sized medical clinic, wouldn’t it be better to allow your small team of doctors, nurses, and staff to focus on practicing medicine instead of fixing a printer or backing up data? Dabbs Computer Consultants’s Managed IT Services provide you with a team of IT experts who’ll take over the mundane tasks of day-to-day IT management, fix any IT issues when they occur, and be on call 24 hours a day so you no longer have to worry about IT problems ever again.

Dabbs Computer Consultants’s Managed IT Services equip you with:

  • A team of IT specialists - backed by years of experience in working with healthcare IT and certified by accredited institutions
  • Comprehensive IT services - covering everything from software and hardware management to network security and support
  • Flat-fee pricing - that’s predictable and affordable for small medical practices