Medisoft Practice Management

Medisoft. Tried and True with Three Decades of Experience.


Medisoft v24 is the best version of medisoft that has ever been released!  Bundled with support from Dabbs Computer, you have an unbeatable combination that will help your practice thrive!

Medisoft v24 gives you the latest practice automation by combining the practice management software with tools that will help you streamline and automate your practice like never before.

  • Automated Appointment Reminders with 2 way Text Communication
  • Insurance Card Scanning
  • Auto Assign Statement Notes
  • Color Coded Flags in the Improved AR Module
  • Remittance Auto Posting with Secondary Status

Reasons you should use Medisoft practice managementin your practice:

Medisoft v24 was built for small, private medical practices and billing services with the singular goal of providing an affordable medical billing and scheduling program that is both easy to use AND full featured.  Year after year, Medisoft has continued improving what many consider to be the most popular medical billing and scheduling program ever created!

Medisoft Medical Billing Software allows you to access important information on your practice, such as:

  • Patient Demographics
  • Scheduling
  • Claim Management
  • A/R Managment
  • And More!

Are you ready to add Electronic Health Records?

Medisoft Clinical features electronic prescribing, which improves patient safety and speeds new prescription and refill workflow.

  • Analyze the note with a sophisticated coding advisor for Evaluation and Management (E&M) codes using both the 1995 and 1997 CMS Documentation Guidelines to optimize coding based on documentation.
  • Load transcribed text and populate the entire patient chart, including the problem list, medication list, medical histories and vital signs. Partially dictate a visit and have the transcribed text automatically go to the correct place in the note.
  • Import and export chart summary data using CCD or CCR formats. Communicate with other practices’ EMR vendors or with the patient’s personal health record (PHR).
  • When importing data, choose which chart sections to update while still keeping an entire copy of the imported document.
  • Customize chart viewing by physician to allow provider (and specialty) specific views for charts, chart summaries and flow charts.