Amazingcharts EHR is a fully integrated, CCHIT®-certified, cloud-based EHR solution that is guaranteed to help physicians meet meaningful use requirements.

With Amazingcharts EHR, physicians can access electronic health records seamlessly from any location through a secure and centralized gateway. Combining clinical and business workflows into one comprehensive system helps physicians save staff time, enhance practice productivity, and simplify administrative workflows. Amazingcharts EHR is a:

  • Cost-effective, high functionality system with a low pay-as-you-go monthly subscription fee
  • Web-based system that provides secure, one-click access to patient charts, refill requests, and lab results from any internet-connected computer
  • Powerful solution that is fully integrated with Amazingcharts PM and requires no IT staffing, software, or hardware costs

Easy to implement and use

Amazingcharts EHR is easy to implement, install, and use and provides a secure alternative to traditional, client-based EHR systems. With Amazingcharts EHR, authorized users can:

  • Log in to their EHR and practice management systems (PMS) via a secure web browser using a PC or laptop
  • Access patient records and review medications, patient history, recent orders, and test results
  • Initiate the process of generating electronic prescriptions and send them to the appropriate pharmacy

Meaningful Use Dashboard

One of the most helpful features of Amazingcharts is the Meaningful Use Dashboard, which includes constantly-updated, colored bar charts with indicators to show the practice’s progress on important Meaningful Use criteria. It will also link providers to explanations of the criteria and identify which patients need more information to meet those standards.

Low-cost, high functionality

Amazingcharts EHR is available with a low upfront investment and an affordable monthly subscription that allows you to pay as you go and includes the following features:

  • Modular implementation options that allow you to only pay for what you use
  • All interfaces are built and maintained by Harris, so you can be paperless on the first day of implementation
  • Harris hosts the software and a central library of interfaces so you’ll have instant access to the updates you need

Patient education

Harris has recently partnered with Krames, a leading provider of patient education and consumer health resources. Krames’ content makes complex medical issues easy to understand so that patients and their families can make informed decisions regarding their care. This comprehensive database of patient-friendly education includes:

  • More than 4,700 titles available in multiple languages
  • 3,100 HealthSheets™ spanning 38 specialty areas
  • 1,400 concise, after care instructions

E&M Evaluator

The new E&M Evaluator application helps identify the most appropriate evaluation and management (E&M) CPT® code to use when charging for office visits and consultations.

Continuity of Care Documentation (CCD)

Amazingcharts EHR’s CCD helps providers exchange key clinical information and provide a summary of care record for each transition of care and referral.

Enhanced patient privacy and confidentiality

Amazingcharts EHR protects the privacy and security of patient’s personal health information (PHI) through its emergency “break the glass” technology available for all patient medical records.

Clinical decision support

Amazingcharts EHR will automatically alert physicians of a test or exam required as part of the quality measure pertaining to their practice, and patients will automatically be placed in the appropriate registry based on certain criteria.

Enhanced prescription functionality

Recently, Amazingcharts EHR was awarded the highest level of Surescripts® certification available, underscoring our commitment to provide a safe, compliant, and efficient electronic prescription solution.

Compare features and implementation.

See how Amazingcharts meets these important EHR considerations.

Amazingcharts, next-generation EHR, versus other traditional EHRs.
Amazingcharts EHR Traditional Client-Server EHR
Technology Web-based Server-based, housed within practice
Initial cost Low: no hardware or software purchase required High: requires hardware and software purchase
Ongoing cost Low: monthly subscription rates Medium
Implementation Low impact: incremental deployment possible Potentially disruptive: can require full-scale conversion
Accessibility High: secure 24/7 access from any PC with Internet access Low: accessible only from dedicated PCs within the practice
Opportunity for incremental ROI High: practice management modules can significantly improve reimbursement rates Not typically available
Obsolescence risk Low: software and data updated continually by OptumInsight High: practice is responsible for updating data; users may be required to pay for software upgrades
Impact of staff turnover Low: online tutorials allow new users to easily teach themselves Medium: systems may be more difficult to learn
Pay-for-performance (P4P) Yes: fully integrated Maybe: existing system may need to be reconfigured
Connectivity High: easily exchange information with payers and other caregivers Typically limited

For more information, download the product sheet.

CPT is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.

Amazingcharts 7.0 is a 2015 CCHIT Certified Ambulatory EHR.