Enhance your healthcare practice with Lytec 2020


Lytec 2020: Powerful Solutions for Hard Working Practices!

Upgrade to Lytec 2020

Lytec 2020 is Medical Practice Management (PM) software designed to streamline billing and automate office workflows. Features include electronic appointment scheduling, automated appointment reminders, electronic insurance filing, electronic insurance verification, electronic patient statements, real-time electronic EOB posting, and electronic prescriptions. The centralized dashboard provides an easy-to-use overview of upcoming appointments, incoming messages, and more. Best of all, Lytec 2020 is HIPAA compliant, ensuring confidential patient information is always protected.

If your practice needs simplified, secure, and cost-effective PM software, look no further than Lytec 2020.


What’s new in Lytec 2020?

  • Credit Adjustments

    One-click adjustments when the wrong patient was credited

  • Co-Pay Column

    Identify outstanding balances at a glance on the AR detail screen

  • Multiple Hold Codes

    Compile and display all hold codes in one window per patient

  • Customized Printed Appointment List

    Personalize and print daily appointment schedule by provider

  • Hold Codes Information

    Quick-view hold codes on the schedule screen when you hover over any field

  • Patient Multi-Filtered Query

    27 adjustable filters for easy data export to .csv files

  • Refresh Button

    See changes to AR queries immediately after edits

  • Duplicate Matches Options

    Check duplicate patient accounts based on SSN, surname, and date of birth

  • Days-to-Timely-Filing Calculator

    Avoid late filing penalties and denial of payment by insurance carriers

  • Billflash Enhancements

    Users can make changes to charges and payments in OfficePay and Epay whenever amounts are applied incorrectly

What’s new in Lytec 2020 Features Overview