First off we'd like to appreciate the attention and expertise you gave to the selection and installation of our Lytec software. The archaic version we had was on an even more ancient computer which was showing signs of imminent collapse. We were a bit nervous about losing patient information and records, not to mention being able to function during business hours.

With your help we were able to quickly choose what software we needed. and arrange for the upgrade. Which, despite the time and complexity of installation, went smoothly and stress free. Your technician, Rob, handled everything so that we didn’t have to do anything on our end. Before starting, he did a superior job of explaining what was going to happen and why, and answered our questions willingly. While he remotely did the transfer we did not have to do anything with the computer or even be present. When we talked after it was complete, he was courteous, knowledgeable and patient with our low tech skill questions. He helped us be sure we could use the new program fully on our next business day.

After all was said and done, other than having a few very minor data transfer issues we had only a few questions on how to use some of the features of the updated software. We are smoothly and seamlessly up and running. We will use the 90 days of free help and assistance available should we need it.

We happily and highly recommend your company to anyone needing this software, whether starting out for the first time or needing to upgrade as we did.

Dr. LaPointe
Emergence Chiropractic