Sleep EHR

Reduce Adverse Drug Events (ADEs) by up to 90%

CureMD EHR provides a complete and customizable sleep-medicine-specific Practice Management solution updated with all current ICD and CPT codes for each specialty. Polysomnographic, CPAP and Bi-Level Titration studies can be structured and incorporated for reporting and charting purposes with complete ease through available templates and through Consultation/Procedure Orders and Results. CureMD Electronic Medical Record provides for a detailed documentation of Patient Consultation Reports and Referral Consultation Letters.

CureMD EHR provides a personalized fit for Sleep Study Institutes using the following features:

  • Consultation Reports
  • Consultation Orders and Results
  • Procedure Orders and Results
  • Consultation Letters
  • Histories>Social>Sleep Habits
  • Consultation Order Custom Lists
  • Procedure Order Custom Lists
  • Patient Education
  • Reporting