Ambulatory Surgery

Consolidate. Connect. Simplify.

CureMD understands the unique workflows of Ambulatory Surgery Centers. Our EHR for Surgical Specialists has been made in a way which maximizes revenues, improves workflow efficiencies and results in better quality of care administered.

CureMD seamlessly integrates with labs, radiology centers, medical devices, diagnostic equipment and Health Information Exchanges (HIE) to improve your operations.

We understand Surgical Center physicians perform more intensive medical treatments and procedures than anyone else in the healthcare industry. That is why we make it easy for healthcare professionals to focus on the three levels of care.

  • Pre-operative
  • Intra-operative
  • Post-operative

We provide ASC-specific templates, forms and built-in support for ICD and CPT codes. Our award winning EHR also includes patient management, adverse event reporting, document manager, e-Rx, and more.

Due to our powerful clinical and administrative capabilities of CureMD Ambulatory Surgery EHR, physicians can not only address their patients better, but also improve their processes along the entire care continuum.

Our solutions help you cut costs, improve the quality of care delivered and exchange patient health information in an easy and simple way. We are helping Ambulatory Surgery Centers nationwide to address current and future challenges in an innovative manner.