Optimized for Dialysis Centers

The EHR simplifies in-center, Peritoneal and home Hemodialysis patient management. It provides interfaces to dialysis machines for real-time data capturing along with access to lab values, medication audit, progress notes, dialysis specific medical reports, template-driven standing and physician orders, comprehensive interdisciplinary patient assessment, plan of care and other treatment related data.

The usability driven solution provides enterprise-level features with resource allocation, scheduling, extensive treatment orders and reporting. The system allows users to track compliance with CMS goals and helps transmit information through Crown web. Built-in lab interface allows real-time connection with all major dialysis and reference labs.

  • EHR - Award winning usability
  • Dialysis specific reporting
  • Drag & drop to schedule appointments
  • Optimize patient admission and registration workflows
  • Integrated workflows
  • Detailed CIPA-POC Module
  • Optimized resource utilization
  • Crown Web Interface
  • QAPI Reports
  • Dialysis Machine Interfacing
  • Patient history management
  • MD progress notes
  • ID monthly notes
  • Extensive Treatment Orders/Summary
  • Precise, easy-to-understand grids and templates
  • Enterprise Scheduling
  • Wizard Based Treatment Flow
  • Patient Charts
  • Template driven Physician & Standing Orders
  • Monthly progress view of patients
  • Generate and maintain Dynamic Consent Forms
  • Clinical Alerts