House Calls

Compassionate Care

Care Plan Oversight

CureMD’s Care Plan Oversight system allows users to easily document Care Plan Oversight services provided to their patients. Once that is documented by the user, it is immediately available for management to view in the Care Plan Oversight approval module. If the management approves, it is automatically transferred to the billing team where CureMD’s automatic charge creation feature helps in billing these services smoothly.

  • Care Plan Oversight coding module
  • Care Plan Oversight approval module
  • Automatic Charge Creation from Note
  • Effortless tracking and reporting

Employee Reimbursement

CureMD has a great employee reimbursement tool for House Call practices. It allows each user to put in their daily work hours, mileage and toll. In addition to this, each provider’s reimbursement is calculated based on their patient charges.

Easy payroll processing of:

  • Provider Reimbursement
  • Mileage Reimbursement
  • Toll Reimbursement
  • Individually configure reimbursement rates for all your providers
  • Document holiday, vacation and over time
  • Electronically maintain your current and past payroll records in your EHR