CureMD All-in-One Pediatrics EHR is the perfect solution for pediatricians who would like to treat their patients as children and not “little adults”. Our suite of Progress note templates, Automated Growth Charts, ePrescribing, Reports and Immunization modules streamline clinical workflows. Integrated Practice Management System enables the front office and revenue cycle management staff to perform at their best in all administrative and financial aspects. All things considered, CureMD Pediatrics is the best EMR nationwide at delivering both unparalleled automation and simplified workflows.

The Family Link

The software enables you create and maintain a complete family profile. This allows for one-click access to linked charts and a host of other useful features throughout the system. Redundant data entry is eliminated with functionalities such as automated demographics imports for sibling charts. CureMD Scheduling utilizes the family profile for brisk Group Scheduling.

Growth Charts

Automated Growth charts eliminate the hassle associated with maintaining them manually. Options for both CDC and WHO Chart templates are available out of the box. Clinical Calculators (e.g. for BMI/BSA) enable the system to plot all charts without any human intervention.

Custom Screening Questionnaires

Early Screening for Autism, ADHD and other Behavioral health issues can be done through CureMD’s screening questionnaires. All questionnaires come integrated with the progress notes. Results of these questionnaires can be shared with all relevant stakeholders electronically. All elements on these forms can be customized using our built-in template editor.

Immunization Dashboard & Registry Integration

Clinical Alerts help you keep track of due immunizations. The system not only maintains administration records but also supports automated charge capture for these services. HL7 interfaces with registries nationwide allows electronic interchange of immunization records.