Urgent Care EHR Features

Triage / Initial Assessment

Built-in triage sets patient prioritization and exam room assignments for emergency care settings.

Rapid Data Collection

System allows rapid data collection (clinical & administrative) through template driven, point and click options.

KPI Dashboards

User defined dashboards graphically display your key performance indicators (KPIs).

Lab Orders & Result

Built-in triage sets patient prioritization and exam room assignment for emergency care settings.

Consultation Letters

Manage referrals and electronically transmit consultation letters to referring providers seamlessly.

Device Interoperability

Interface with digital devices from major vendors for automated and accurate data gathering.

Template Driven Process

Speed up patient processing with pre-defined workflow templates to quickly document the entire patient encounter as well as referral and follow up processing.

ECG Management

The integrated ECG management system enables providers to digitize and store ECG data directly into the EHR.